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The Cloud-Native Knowledge Catalog

Make your workplace documents, images and videos searchable.

Extract knowledge automatically via Machine Learning.

Ask questions to your private workplace knowledge catalog.

Get informed with intelligent alerts.


Create automated knowledge-driven workflows.

Unlock the Power of your Unstructured Data

Your business depends on unique observations of people, places, companies and assets stored amongst your workplace files - in a variety of data formats and storage locations. 


While most companies have systems in place to manage, analyze and leverage their structured data, utilizing information stored in documents, video, image, 3D and other workplace data files has historically been expensive and complex.  

We have a better way. 

Unstruk is the first cloud-native knowledge catalog designed specifically for unstructured data files.  We unlock the information stored in these data files so that you can easily search, visualize, analyze and integrate it into your existing data workflows and productivity tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Import media files from any existing data storage solutions, including cloud services, OneDrive, Google Drive & Dropbox. Use the portal to search, organize and access data from all sources.

Ingest & Discover

Unstruk automatically extracts metadata, observes real-world entities & tags your media files so you can easily correlate and analyze objects of interest to your business.

Enrich & Analyze

Create rules to monitor events and send alerts when there are critical changes in your data.  Set up integrations that delivers data to third-party messaging, data & workflow tools.

Alert & Integrate

A Better Approach to
Knowledge Management

1. Import Files

Ingest media files from any existing data storage solutions, including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services.

2.  Map Data Relationships

Unstruk automatically extracts metadata & visually tags your media files so you can easily identify objects of interest to your business.

3.  Search and Analyze

Use the portal to search, organize and rapidly explore your workplace data files.

4. Customize Integrations

Create rules to monitor KPIs and send alerts when there are critical changes in your data.  Bring your own ML to add additional layers of intelligence.

Unstruk Knowledge Portal

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De-silo and manage all data formats, from any location: PDF documents, spreadsheets, video, audio, images, 3D point clouds and more.

Utilize the Unstruk knowledge graph to correlate everything from workplace documents to drone imagery to Zoom recordings.


Search and visualize the information based on tags, location and time to quickly access the information you need.

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Organizing unstructured data is the first step in building meaningful AI and ML processes that improve productivity.

Leverage Unstruk to optimize manual processes, putting your valuable data to work. Improve time-to-insight, identify issues quickly, and decrease resolution times.

As a cloud native platform, Unstruk is cost effective, turnkey to deploy, and integrates with the leading cloud providers - Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud, and workplace data platforms like Microsoft SharePoint and ESRI ArcGIS.

Our Partners


Shipping & Logistics

Avoiding disruptions and improving visibility is critical for transportation related businesses.  Use the Unstruk portal to improve fleet management, locate containers or analyze physical assets.


Damage assessments require large amounts of video and image data to be analyzed.  Unstruk can create views that simplify manual review processes, eliminating errors and improving productivity.


Monitoring locations for changes and shifts is critical to reducing environmental risks.  Create views and alerts for a specific geographic area to gain context and prioritize investigations.

Minerals & Mining

Your teams rely on access to historical data for every project, but the data is often dark and hard to search.  Unstruk makes it easy to catalog and correlate your data to extract relevant information for a holistic view of sites, wells and equipment.


In projects which rely on combining data from many different sources, one mistake can be costly.  Data management with Unstruk surfaces the information that teams need, when they need it, for analysis and data driven decisions.

Digital Transformation

As the volume and breadth of information grows, your internal data management systems need to scale.  Unstruk can accelerate your cloud-native transformation so that your business can focus on what it does best.

Providing Structure to your
Unstructured Data

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