We are led by industry veterans from Microsoft, General Motors, STATS and Kespry - bringing decades of experience with unstructured data in the media & entertainment, autonomous vehicles, sports data and drone analytics industries. 


We have taken Seed stage investments from top-name VCs, and a strategic investment from a Fortune Global 10 company.

We will be launching an invite-only preview in Q2 2021, and our Unstruk Data Warehouse and UnstrukLens web and mobile applications will become generally available in Q3 2021. 


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Understand trends in your data: by day, by month or over years.



Visualize your data geo-spatially.

Filter by geo-fenced regions: hand-drawn or imported from 'shape' files.


Provides a 360° view of your unstructured data - tagging and enriching your data into your own private knowledge graph.


Fast and easy ingestion and analysis of your unstructured data.

Wherever it lives - on cloud storage or on your machine.


Scaling to your data needs - pay only for what you use.
Built on an innovative, serverless event-driven architecture with cloud native best practices.


Your data remains your data.

Stored in your own secure, encrypted cloud storage account.

Supports role-based access controls for you and your team, and an event-based audit history


Industrial Inspection

Industrial companies have large facilities filled with various types of physical assets that they need to maintain, i.e. heavy machinery, infrastructure, electrical systems or HVAC.

Every physical asset within a facility needs to be inspected - historically a manual and time-consuming process.

With the UnstrukLens mobile app, once an engineer completes an inspection route, all of their collected data has already been uploaded to the Unstruk Data Warehouse - where it is catalogued according to date/time, GPS location, and Machine Learning (ML)-generated tags.

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicle companies have hundreds of cars out on the road capturing hours of unstructured data every day. Every car is equipped with cameras, LIDAR, and other various sensors to capture how the vehicle interacts with the world.


Data science teams use that data to better train the car’s on-road behavior, and validate changes to their onboard ML models.

Our Unstruk Data Warehouse provides a secure, scalable repository for the wide variety of captured data formats, and for the growing volume of data captured every day.

State/Local Government

State and local agencies capture large volumes of unstructured data - transportation data, surveillance, drone surveys and physical asset management.

This data is collected by different groups within different agencies - across many geographic areas - leading to issues with data silos and a lack of data organization and lineage.

Our Unstruk Data Warehouse allows these agencies to find their "needle in a haystack" data, and efficiently correlate data across their disparate organizations and geographic regions.

Public Works

Many public works organizations, such as ports or utility departments, don’t have an effective system to aggregate and track their inspection data.  Their unstructured data is generally siloed by user or vendor's application, and only investigated when issues need to be addressed.

Our Unstruk Data Warehouse provides a central system to house the various forms of inspection data that they collect, tie that data to assets to track condition over time, and provide a way for their teams to view similar data at other sites.


Industrial robotics is a rapidly emerging field, with robots coming to market to automate previously manual tasks. Companies are starting to leverage quadruped robots, both to inspect assets and navigate the world around them - while capturing large volumes of unstructured data (3D LIDAR, video, images and ultrasonic audio).

Our UnstrukLens web client enables end-users to organize, search and visualize the data from these robots in order to track asset condition.

Media & Entertainment

Outdoor TV and video shoots make use of a wide variety of device types (GoPro, drones, mobile phones) and capture formats (360° video, 3D scans and panoramic images).

Our UnstrukLens web client lets cinematographers, directors, and editors visualize an outdoor filming location by seeing a 3D scan of the environment; seeing on a map where all the media was captured; seeing over time when it was captured - while also filtering by device type, camera metadata, or via computer vision (CV)-based tagging.


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