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Unlock the Power of

Unstructured Data

In today's world, images, video, 3D point clouds and other valuable digital files are often siloed, under-utilized and hard to manage. The Unstruk Data Platform is the first platform designed to easily ingest, enrich & leverage unstructured data to solve business problems.

Industries & Service Providers

Leveraging unstructured data can be a significant competitive advantage, especially for industries and solution providers that utilize geospatial imagery for parts, or all, of their business. However, until now, maximizing the potential of unstructured digital files has been an expensive, and highly complex process.


The Unstruk platform is purpose built to be extensible and scalable, making it easy and cost-effective to take your unstructured data to the next level.

01.  Import Files

Ingest media files from any existing data storage solutions, including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services.

02.  Map Data Relationships

Unstruk automatically extracts metadata & auto-tags your digital files so you can easily analyze objects of interest to your business. 

03.  Search & Analyze

Use the portal to search, organize and rapidly add additional tags to your files.

04.  Customize Alerts

Create rules to monitor KPIs and send alerts when there are critical changes in your data.

How it Works

Unstruk Delivers Insights from Unstructured Data

Whether you have 1,000 or 10,000,000 unstructured data files, regardless of the format - images, video, audio, 3D scans, CAD drawings - stored within one site or spread across continents, taken yesterday or over the last five years, the Unstruk platform makes your data easier to manage and utilize.

Manage Everything

in One Place

Access all the information you need from a single interface.  Identify critical objects and connections to make decisions and prioritize tasks.

Automate Tasks & Processes

Save time and resources: streamline cumbersome error-prone processes, automate workflows and expedite escalations.

Preempt & Resolve


Surface patterns and changes in your unstructured data to anticipate issues, improving time to resolution.